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Tinder Opener Converting at 75%
06-23-2015, 04:54 AM
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Tinder Opener Converting at 75%
I just want to explain the context behind and the research that has gone into finding this opener:

1. 5 guys

2. 2 years

3. Over 10,000 matches

Yes, we have split tested over 100 different openers in 15 countries around the world to come up with a shortlist of 5, which we then whittled down to the Ultimate Tinder Opener that you are about to learn.

We have worked through Picture Comment Openers, Situational Openers, Role Playing Openers, Profile Callback Openers and a whole range of Pickup Line Openers to come up with this:

“There she is”

Before we move on, please note the send times on those messages, that was a wave of 20 opens, albeit at “primetime” (7-10 on a weekday), a 60% open rate is above average from the profile I was using…

To explain Open Rate in mathematical terms:

OR = (OI+T)*PE
OR = Open Rate
OI = Opener Interest
T = Time of Day
PE = Profile Excellence

To reach higher open rates, a serious profile is required Smiley

Anyway, let’s get into why this opener is so effective so you can understand and implement for yourself:

1. Non-committal & Understated
All statements are non-committal, they commit enough to show you have an opinion/a brain, yet give enough room for the girl to fill the gap with a question, immediately committing on her side, having her chasing is a great start to the conversation.

2. Different
Have you peaked into a half attractive girls Tinder account? The amount of matches is astronomical…

80% of opens fall into the dull category:




10% fall into the sex fiend category

“Wanna fuck?”

“There she is” is just different enough to get noticed in the sea of shit, yet won’t dump you into the pervert category.

3. Efficient
Yes, if you would like to spend 20 seconds per open scouring each girls profile for that nugget of tedious information that you can just about link to your narcissistic self, then go ahead.

I would rather copy and paste this three word open and then go out and enjoy my life.

4. Devoid Of Innuendo
As mentioned about, “There she is” stands out without raising the sexual alarm bells.

5. Opens Up The Conversation
As you an see from the screenshots, we give the girl a chance to express herself, which will become invaluable later in the interaction.

So there we have it… let me know your thoughts...

How To Make That One Perfect Girl Your Girlfriend In 60 Days (Or Less!)... Without Risking Humiliation
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