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The difference in choosing crawler excavators and wheel excavators
08-12-2016, 05:57 PM
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The difference in choosing crawler excavators and wheel excavators
Judging from the traveling mode, the Excavator are generally classified into crawler excavators and wheel excavators. The wheel excavators are more flexible and easy to move comparing with crawler excavators. Wheel excavators are widely used in road building and small civil engineering projects including gardening, tunnels, quarries etc., but usually confined to the ground or road conditions.Its driving wheels won’t cause any damage to the concrete or asphalt roads;however, wheel excavators can’t fully pull its weight on soft muddy ground. The traveling speed of wheel excavator reaches 40 to 50 kilometers per hour on average, thus it can transport easily from one construction site to another. What’s more, it cost the user less money than crawler excavators. However, because of the self-weight and structural performance, the digging force and operating load of wheel excavators are comparatively smaller than that of crawler Excavator Machinery. The gradeability of wheel excavators is not as good as that of crawler excavators either.

On the contrary, crawler excavator can’t travel on the urban roads itself because its tracks are too heavy. The main difference between wheel excavator and Crawler Crane is their undercarriage. Usually speaking, for long distance transportation, crawler excavators have to be transported by using special trucks. Given that most of the construction projects using crawler excavators are located at out-of-the-way places, crawler excavators are still the best option for the customer. The tracks ensure a large ground contact area, thus the stability of crawler excavators traveling in muddy and wetland is better. In addition the heavy dead weight and metal crawler belt ensure a high gradeability, crawler Mini Excavator can adapt to any construction conditions including mining, highland roads, river banks, fully displaying its functions at work.
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