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Small excavators are replacing coal miners in underground construction
08-08-2016, 07:19 PM
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Small excavators are replacing coal miners in underground construction
As population increases, people's demand for energy and power is rapidly growing. Of all the natural resources, mineral resources underground is still so far one of the most commonly used resources; however, underground mining has always been considered as a high-risk occupation. At present, an increasing number of Excavator instead of labors are found undertakingloading operations in mines underground. For instance, five small excavators of Sany were purchased by a mining company in Yunnan, China for the cave coal construction, which have helped significantly reduce the accidents and increase working efficiency.

Small Excavator are mainly used in loading operation, with one excavator operator digging mines then putting it on a tractor. Only two operators are needed, and the excavator operator and the tractor driver won’t interfere with each other. Small excavators are compact in size and flexible even working in coal mines.The excavator boom is usually up to five or six meters long, which is safer and more powerful to be used in eliminating operating risks than let coal miners do it. In addition, excavator operator is safer working inside the reinforced excavator cabin, which can better protect from the falling rocks. The working efficiency of small excavators is greatly higher than that of coal miners. One small excavatorcan dig and load about 15 tons per hour, with the output equal to that of five coal miners. All in all, Mini Excavators can bring more value to the mining companies. On one hand, it will reduce the labor cost by cutting miners and unpredicted accident costs. On the other hand, the productivity and working efficiency of small excavator are much higher than coal miners.
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