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Safety Guidelines for Sany Cranes
07-22-2016, 05:49 PM
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Safety Guidelines for Sany Cranes
As a leading Heavy Construction Equipment, Sany has a versatile product line, which includes concrete machinery, hosting machinery, hydraulic excavators, piling machinery, road machinery, port machinery, wind turbines and mining machinery.

Sany hoisting machinery consists of Mobile Crane, Crawler Cranes, rough terrain crane, all terrain crane, general chassis crane and tower crane. It is not an easy thing to operate these cranes since they are heavy and complicated, accidents may happen if necessary operating skills are lacked. Sany provides integrated solutions for customers from machinery selecting, professional training, operating guidance to maintaining support. The cranes will obey your orders and keep safe to create value for you.

1.Working in coastal area
The strong wind in coastal area will stop the crane from lifting heavy loads in high altitude, so measures should be taken to protect the machine from strong wind.

2.Be ready in advance
Draw up construction plans in advance according to the crane and environment conditions in the construction site, making sure that the data analysis is accurate. Evaluate the project potential risk including the risk type and degree to avoid accidents. Professional training should be done by technician to ensure safe and accurate operation. Supervise the equipment dynamic all the time in case of emergency occurs. Tower Cranes for Sale

3.Check steel cable of crane
The steel cable is the key component of cranes, which is the main force to lift the heavy load. It should be changed before its service life is out. Daily maintenance should be strengthened to prevent damages happening.
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