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How to drive your hydraulic excavator in a safe way
08-18-2016, 07:34 PM
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How to drive your hydraulic excavator in a safe way
Incorrect use of the pedals/shift levers can cause serious injuries or even death, soensure that you drive your digger safely.

Travel directions of Heavy Excavator: It is necessary to confirm the relative positions between the chassis and the operator before using the excavator.If the engine is under the cab, pushing the control lever/pedal to move back the machine. If the guide roller is in the cabin, push the control lever/pedal to move forward the machine. A sign for the travel direction could be found on the inner side of the undercarriage. When the operator pushes the lever/pedal, the actual movement direction is what indicated by the arrowhead.

Safety rules forexcavator drive: It should be remembered that the Excavators can be driven and operated only when the operator is sitting. No one is allowed to be in the cabin except for the operator. Before driving the machine, we need to check if the travel alarms work. The cab door or windows should alwaysbe fixed. Ifobjects can fly into the cab, makesure the doors and windows are closed.If there is a blind spot at the back of the machine, a signaler is necessary. Mini Diggers Be vigilant so as not to offend other machines or staff when rotating the excavator. Make alarm to warn personnel in the area before traveling. Check again if persons and/or obstacles are around the machine before traveling.In addition, make sure that the sprocket is at the rear of the operator's cabbefore traveling. If the sprockets are at the front of the cab, the machine moves in opposite direction of thecontrol levers’ movement. Particular attentionsshould be given to operations in such situations.
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