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Buy solid wood flooring method
02-15-2017, 01:33 PM
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Buy solid wood flooring method
1, look at the appearance

Solid wood composite floor is divided into excellent, first class, qualified three categories. Appearance quality is an important basis for grading. When buying, first of all depends on the surface of the color of wood, texture is clear, the general surface should not have decay, holes, insect holes, cracks or patchwork lax and other wood defects, wood texture and color sense should be harmonious. Also check the floor around the tongue and tongue and groove are flat.

2, to clarify the species

There are two kinds of solid wood flooring, one for the three solid wood flooring, from the table, core board, backplane three layers of wood together. Another multi-layer solid wood flooring by the seven or nine layers of composition, stability, better than the three solid wood flooring. In the purchase according to their own needs, choose three or more layers of solid wood flooring. If it is geothermal floor, it must choose a multi-layer.

3, observe the structure

Consumers through the multi-layer solid wood floor of the four sides of the mortise, you can see the structure of the layers of laminated. Traditional multi-layer solid wood flooring substrate with odd layers of billet, usually seven or nine layers. In recent years, some brands of traditional crafts to improve the use of even layers of billet way, that is, eight or ten layers. In the purchase may wish to pick up the floor, look at the floor of the structure layer is a few layers.
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